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Division 01: General Requirements

Overview: Management and coordination of the overall project. Includes administrative tasks, temporary facilities, and control procedures.

Our Expertise: Accurate estimation of project management costs, permits, temporary utilities, and other general conditions.

Division 02: Existing Conditions

Overview: Assessing and handling existing conditions like demolition, site remediation, and selective structure removal.

Our Expertise: Cost estimation for demolition, environmental remediation, and site preparation.

Division 03: Concrete

Overview: Encompasses concrete formwork, reinforcement, and finishing.

Our Expertise: Precise estimates for concrete supply, labor, and finishing, including complex structures.

Division 04: Masonry

Overview: Brick, block, and stone masonry work.

Our Expertise: Estimating material costs and labor for masonry construction, focusing on efficiency and quality.

Division 05: Metals

Overview: Structural metal framing, metal fabrications, and ornamental metals.

Our Expertise: Calculating costs for metal materials, fabrication, and installation with an emphasis on structural integrity.

Division 06: Wood, Plastics, and Composites

Overview: Carpentry, architectural woodwork, and composite materials.

Our Expertise: Expert in estimating costs for wood materials, millwork, and carpentry works.

Division 07: Thermal and Moisture Protection

Overview: Waterproofing, insulation, roofing, and siding.

Our Expertise: Estimation of material and labor costs for weatherproofing and insulation solutions.

Division 08: Openings

Overview: Doors, windows, glazing, and skylights.

Our Expertise: Precise cost estimation for various openings, including custom solutions.

Division 09: Finishes

Overview: Interior finishes like plastering, painting, flooring, and ceilings.

Our Expertise: Detailed estimation for interior finishes, considering both aesthetics and durability.

Division 10: Specialties

Overview: Includes specialties like toilet compartments, signage, and fire protection.

Our Expertise: Estimating costs for a wide range of specialty items, ensuring compliance and functionality.

Division 11: Equipment

Overview: Provision and installation of equipment like appliances, theater, and gym equipment.

Our Expertise: Accurate cost assessments for equipment procurement and installation.

Division 12: Furnishings

Overview: Window treatments, furniture, and decorative accessories.

Our Expertise: Estimating costs for furnishings that match client’s style and budget.

Division 13: Special Construction

Overview: Unique constructions like soundproofing, prefabricated structures, and saunas.

Our Expertise: Specialized estimating services for unique and custom construction needs.

Division 14: Conveying Equipment

Overview: Elevators, escalators, and moving walks.

Our Expertise: Estimating costs for efficient and safe conveying systems.

Division 15: [Reserved for future expansion]

Division 16: Fire Suppression

Overview: Fire suppression systems including sprinklers.

Our Expertise: Cost estimation for reliable and code-compliant fire suppression systems.

Division 17: Plumbing

Overview: Plumbing systems and equipment.

Our Expertise: Estimating costs for efficient and durable plumbing systems.

Division 18: Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Overview: HVAC systems, including ductwork and controls.

Our Expertise: Detailed cost estimation for HVAC systems, focusing on energy efficiency and performance.

Division19: [Reserved for future expansion]

Division 20: Integrated Automation

Overview: Building automation systems for managing HVAC, lighting, and other systems.

Our Expertise: Estimation of integrated automation systems for smart building management.

Division 21: Electrical

Overview: Electrical wiring, fixtures, and control systems.

Our Expertise: Detailed electrical cost estimation, ensuring safety and efficiency.

Division 22: Communications

Overview: Data, voice, and video communication systems.

Our Expertise: Estimating costs for modern communication infrastructures.

Division 22: Electronic Safety and Security

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