What Do We Offer?

Top Estimators offers you freelance construction estimation services with highly competitive hourly rates. By opting for our service, you can reduce your expenses, improve estimation accuracy and efficiency.

We are an independent estimation firm with a name in the market. Presently, we are working with a diverse portfolio in the North American, Caribbean, and Australian regions. A large number of contractors, developers, and vendors hire our freelance estimation services on an hourly basis, and they always come back with more and more assignments. It’s because we provide a fully valued service on hourly rates that is rare in the market. We have an in-house team of estimators who have a vast knowledge of the market conditions, along with professional-level skills in estimation. That’s why we deliver timely, accurate, and detailed estimates. The use of the latest takeoff software like Planswift, Bluebeam, Xactimate, Trimble, FastPIPE, FastDUCT, and databases like RSMeans and Craftsman for pricing labor and material has enabled us to achieve highly accurate results.

When you hire our freelance estimation services, then our estimators will be available on an hourly basis and you will be in direct contact with them. Generally, communication is through email. You can also use voice over protocol services if you want a quick word related to any estimation assignment. We provide you the complete liberty to decide which option suits you better, either on an ongoing basis or project basis as per your needs. You can choose the most suitable option as you will be charged on hourly rates. Through this collaboration, you can save the expense of hiring estimating staff, expensive software, monthly salary, benefits, bonuses, medical and retirement funds.

Top Estimators offers:

  • • Onshore based estimators

  • • Licensed team of estimators

  • • Affordable hourly rates for Subcontractors

  • • Revisions and amendments are entertained.

Contact us with your plans. We will reply to you immediately. You will get a 30% discount if you contact us today.

Why should you hire a freelance estimator?

  • • If you send more bids, then you will have more chances to win bids. By hiring a freelance estimator, you increase your chances of winning bids and it is all done on reduced expenses. You do not have to pay a full salary to an estimator, along with other benefits. Moreover, you have a fully capable and skilled estimator working for you when you want.

  • • A freelance estimator is the best for the following scenarios

If you are a small startup or a contractor, then hiring a full-time estimator will be expensive for you. It’s better to use this cost elsewhere in your business, such as marketing. When you have a freelance estimator working on an hourly basis for you, then you can place bids on projects with full preparation without worrying about paying the full salary of an estimator.

As you know, the economic cycle has slowed down. That’s why in order to survive in an expensive market, you have to cut costs. In that case, a full-time estimator is expensive when you can have a freelance estimator on an hourly basis. Thus, our freelance services are available when you need an estimation, and you only have to pay for the hours worked. No more overhead payments, whether you have projects or not.

A full-time estimator is not capable of all CSI trades. But when you hire our freelance services, then you get a trade-specialist estimator. This way, you have the best skill in every CSI trade available for you. We offer expert freelance specialist estimators for all CSI divisions and the latest software proficiency.

There are high chances of disputes when different teams are working on a project. An independent cost estimator contributes by providing an unbiased cost estimate to resolve the issue. Or sometimes a third party opinion is required from a different perspective.

When the existing estimating departments face heavy load of work due to piling invitation for proposals, freelance estimator improves the efficiency by preparing timely estimates while their in-house estimator deal with the bidding process and no longer miss any deadlines.

  • Freelance Mechanical Estimator

  • Freelance Plumbing Estimator

  • Freelance Electrical Estimator

  • freelance Drywall Estimator

  • Freelance Concrete Estimator

  • Freelance Masonry Estimator

  • Freelance Xactimate Estimators

  • Freelance Steel Estimator

  • Freelance Insulation Estimator

  • Freelance Lumber Estimator

By employing our freelance construction estimator, you can:

  • Achieve accuracy by employing professional estimators who have diversified experience

  • Get timely estimates which fasten your bidding process and let you respond to bid invitations before the deadline

  • Increase your bid volume

  • Improves estimation efficiency

  • Reduce overhead and increase profit potentia

  • Bid on more projects which increases the chances of winning more

  • Top Estimators has a separate team of freelance estimators dedicated to delivering exceptional estimation services on hourly rates.

  • Commercial – offices, restaurants, warehouses, shopping malls, grocery stores, movie theaters

  • Residential – single-family homes, multi-family homes, apartment buildings, custom homes, modular homes, townhomes

  • Industrial – wastewater treatment plants, power generation, manufacturing units, refineries

  • Civil – highways, dams, bridges

  • Institutional – hospitals, community centers, prisons

  • Educational – schools, universities

  • Parks and recreation

  • Mining and Marine project

  • Remodeling and Renovations

Our Service Areas

We provide freelance construction estimating services in North American, Caribbean, and Australian regions. In the US, we serve in the following markets: New York, New Jersey, Florida, California, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Texas, Georgia, Michigan, Washington, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Indiana, Louisiana, Alabama, Maryland, Tennessee, Minnesota, Connecticut, Oklahoma, Missouri, Colorado, Virginia, Arizona, North Carolina, Oregon.