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Top Estimators provides critical path method (CPM) services to the construction industry with full satisfaction. It ensures that the project finishes on-time with minimum risks. We employ a comprehensive approach to construction scheduling. With it, we simplify a complex project into actionable parts. So, you can follow the profitable path and finish your project before the deadline and within your set budget. Moreover, we will also save you from unpredictable risks and bad decisions that can jeopardize your project.
Critical path scheduling is a technique utilized to effectively manage construction projects by analyzing project scope, requirements, and risks with regard to time and resources. It helps in planning and scheduling the essential activities, determining the critical and high-risk activities, the time each of them takes, and their relation with other activities at the project site.
A right CPM schedule helps you to set a budget and know critical issues before they can happen. Moreover, it also contributes to achieving various milestones throughout the project lifecycle. Furthermore, with CPM, you can effectively plan, organize tasks, measure progress, quantify results, and continuously update changes with maximum efficiency.

CPM Scheduling Consultant

Top Estimators’ scheduling consultant will remain engaged with your project team through all phases of the project, whether it is conception, design, or preconstruction close-out. We help our clients streamline their project by taking into account all the requirements, stated budget limits while following strict industry standards and contractual terms that lead to improved revenue and on-time completion of the project.
Top Estimators is a construction estimation and project management company. That’ why we help you focus on achieving milestones by providing customized scheduling and specifications, along with adding more value to your project. Our team of construction scheduling experts cooperates with your project managers, contractors, architects to continuously monitor and ensure that the schedule complies with the actual work on-site, help them make critical decisions, and set the project back on track in case of delays.

Why you should opt for CPM project Scheduling?

When you are working in the construction industry, then you can only succeed with on-time delivery and project finishing within the budget. However, complex projects demand more effort to handle the project’s success factors. In that case, CPM scheduling is the only way to succeed.
Sometimes owners hire us and our specialists work on their behalf collaborating with the contracting teams to produce the best schedule possible. Other times, our experts act as a third party to owners and contractors and strive to develop strategies to manage and monitor resources in the best interest of the project through the entire lifecycle.
Our project scheduling specialist collaborates with the project teams including the owner, project manager or general contractor, subcontractors, and architects to:

• Prepare a baseline CPM schedule to describe the project’s plan.
• Preplan crew management and procurement
• Analyze the risks involved in the project and develop strategies to alleviate them.
• Analyze delays and generate plans to set the project back on track.
• Evaluate progress continuously to check if it syncs with the project milestone and apply updates.
• Evaluate potential pitfalls and devise strategies to mitigate errors.
• Resolve disputes among the working teams so that the project workflow does not get disturbed.

Why should you choose us?

• We have a proven track record of providing consultancy to our clients to ensure the delivery of each project on time and within budget with precise updating practices.
• With many years of experience and knowledge gained by working with professional organizations in the North American construction industry, we can ensure high quality and reliable services to achieve your project goals.
• Our construction scheduling experts process expertise in the latest tools and software.
• We deliver project control schedules within the fastest turnaround time in the market.
• Our rates are highly affordable.

CPM Scheduling Software

Our expert team is proficient in developing and monitoring schedules with the following construction consulting software:
• Microsoft Project
• Primavera P6
• SureTrack
• Fast Track
• Oracle

CPM Scheduling Services

• Baseline CPM Scheduling
• CPM Schedule Analysis
• CPM Updating
• Preliminary scheduling
• Design phase scheduling
• Construction phase scheduling
• Overall project scheduling
• Recovery scheduling
• Linear scheduling
• As-built scheduling
• Project implementation cost scheduling
• Construction management scheduling
• Civil work scheduling
• Material procurement scheduling
• Window scheduling
• Legal claims consulting

• We provide the following deliverables
• Preliminary Project Schedule
• Initial Project Schedule
• Periodic Schedule Updates
• Project Milestone Update Report
• Critical Path Update Report
• Narrative Reports
• Activity Reports
• Logic Reports
• Total Float Report
• Earnings Report
• Time Impact Analysis
• S-Curve Analysis
• Delay Analysis
• Risk Analysis
• Network Diagram

Additions and renovations in the following Sectors:

• Public
• Residential
• Commercial
• Industrial
• Civil
• Historic Buildings
• Healthcare
• Infrastructure
Scope of Projects
We have a huge portfolio of providing construction scheduling services for new construction.


  • How long does it take to deliver a construction project schedule?

    We develop and deliver project schedules within a week.

  • What will be covered in your project schedule?

    Our project schedule includes everything from all reports, graphs, narratives, and SDEF file.

  • How much do we charge?

    We offer highly cost-effective rates compared to the market. Email at info@topestimators.com or call us at 347-766-9973 for a quick quote.

  • What are our service areas?

    We provide estimating and consulting services in North American, Caribbean, and Australian regions. In the US, we serve in the following markets: New York, Florida, Illinois, South Carolina, Michigan, Massachusetts, Missouri, Colorado, Indiana, Tennessee, Minnesota, Alabama, Kentucky, Connecticut, Oklahoma, Oregon, Louisiana. New Jersey, California, Arizona, North Carolina, Maryland, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, Texas.