Construction management services

During any construction project, you can be proactive and stay ahead of the schedule by opting for construction management services. As a result, you will always hit the target budget.
Project cost management involves a group of activities used to estimate, designate, and manage the cost of a construction project. Particularly, it is done by the analysis of the project’s scope and productivity with respect to set budget limits. Moreover, it solidifies the maximum efficiency throughout the lifecycle of the project. Furthermore, it saves you from the cost overruns and time delays.
Top Estimators acts as an integrated construction estimation and cost management consultancy. With this role, we understand all challenges and expectations of construction companies. Due to the vast experience in the industry and acquired in-depth knowledge, we identify the client’s goals and help them walk through every part of the project. Generally, it includes the project’s planning, execution, completion, and strategic business decisions.
Top Estimators deploys an expert team of quantity surveyors and cost managers with the client’s team. They help and assist the team with feasibility analysis, design and development, documentation, pre-construction planning, and construction to closeout rendering cost estimation and cost budgeting and control services. We have a diverse portfolio of working with residential, commercial, industrial, and civil projects in both private and public sectors.
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Why project cost management is the backbone of the project in the construction industry?

Project cost management is beneficial to all parties involved in a construction project. Whether these parties are developers, construction managers, contracting corporations, engineering, and design firms.
Project cost management starts with accurate cost estimates that set the initial budget. Plus, later managements are used for only one surety, and that is the project must remain within the set budget.

With effective cost management practices, you can:

  • • Set clear objectives for all the stakeholders involved in the project

  • • Track project progress to aid in taking the corrective measures instantly

  • • Attain good markup, increase return on investment, and mitigate the risk of losing money.

  • • Develop data to benchmark for future projects

  • • Empowers the extensive features of the project planning including pre-plan, feasibility, operating cost, commissioning, risk analysis, contingency, design, development, maintenance, etc.

Why should you choose us?

We use a perfect cost management plan with every inch of detail on how project costs will be managed throughout the lifecycle of the project. Our plan has clear criteria by which the costs are evaluated, reported, updated, and identifies all the stakeholders involved in the particular phase of the project. We start the process by estimating all the costs including costs for acquiring land, planning, design, labor, material, contingency, maintenance, etc. after that, we go towards budget scheduling, managing costs, and analyzing progress at various project milestones.
Top Estimators offers the most effective management of funds and resources in order to achieve the project’s milestones within budget and time. More:

• Cost-effective rates and fastest turnaround times.
• A track record of creating highly precise and comprehensive cost estimates while considering our client’s expectations and design requirements. This ensures that estimated figures meet the final actual cost to the maximum.
• If at any stage, project cost exceeds the budget limit, we employ value engineering to set the project back on track. While working closely with the designers, our cost managers make sure that all their requirements and considerations are fully met before the next stage starts.
• Our quantity surveyors perform accurate estimates for labor and material at regular intervals during the construction to develop the cost performance report. If the estimate shows price fluctuations from the initial estimate, then cost updates are applied after approval from the owner.
• We properly organize all the costs involved in the project like direct, indirect, fixed, variable costs, etc. that at any time our client can easily visualize and foresee the project costs.
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  • Cost planning and control

    initially defines the cost plan and then monitor, report, update and control the cost variations to ensure the on-budget project delivery

  • Contract analysis

    advice on contract procedures to assure it adds value, meets the requirements to avoid risks.

  • Construction Cost Estimating

    preliminary estimates, design estimates, budget estimates, quantity take-offs, bid estimates

  • Feasibility study

    gives the initial idea to decide if it is profitable to invest time and resources in the project

  • Bid management

    assistance with bidding process including bid filling and management of bidding network profile

  • Risk analysis and management

    evaluating risks and advice to alleviate its effect on project cost and schedule

  • Life-cycle costing

    providing cost estimates, budgeting, and cost control services throughout the entire lifecycle of the project from preconstruction to closeout

  • Cost benchmarking

    better cost control by improving efficiency and mitigating risk using benchmarking data

  • Value engineering

    employing a well-planned approach to reduce costs while adding value and maintaining the quality of the project