What Do We Offer?

Tired of putting all effort and time into a complex bidding process? Still, bidding on wrong jobs and wasting your resources? Missing on fruitful opportunities because you cannot give enough time? If your answer is yes, then you need to have an extra pair of hands and an experienced mind for you.
Top estimators’ construction estimation consultant can surely help you generate more leads and beat your competition.
We have more than 1000 satisfied and regular clients in the North American construction industry. That’s why our team of estimators and consultants are in deep with current market conditions, different construction techniques, and possess a keen eye to detail. They remain committed through all the phases of construction and design. Mostly, it includes budget estimate to construction document estimate, along with incorporating advice on budgeting, filing proposals, choosing contractor, negotiations, value engineering, and project closeout.
Top Estimators is a professional cost estimation consulting company with a diverse portfolio of commercial, residential, and industrial projects that served developers, general contractors, subcontractors, architects, home builders, owners, and lenders. We digitally takeoff the quantities using the latest takeoff software and a highly developed construction cost database that supplies location-based pricing for labor and material. Moreover, we follow the policies and guidelines of the American Association of Cost Engineers (AACE), American Society of Professional Engineers (ASPE), and the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS).

What services do Top Estimators offer as an Estimation consultant?

Due to 15 years of experience and a complete understanding of the AEC industry, we can provide consultancy to our clients that serve them with the understanding of construction cost, various takeoffs to foresee and manage their budget.

Our services include:

  • Feasibility studies

    For developers, investors, and builders, the decision to invest time, resources, and budget matters all time. Our preliminary estimates, feasibility studies, and square footage prices contribute to decision making from economic, legal, scheduling, financial perspectives.

  • Preconstruction & change order management

    Every construction project needs accurate material takeoff, labor, and man-hours. Top Estimators ensures the most reliable estimating services and consultancy to GCs, construction managers, and owners regarding procurement, value analysis, scheduling, hiring the right labor force, and man-hours. As a result, the correct labor productivity factors, accurate material takeoff, and pricing contribute to avoiding the hustle of reordering, labor shortage, and waste management.

  • CPM Scheduling Services

    Top Estimators’ CPM consultants collaborate with your project teams and always ensure on-time completion of the project. It is done by planning activities, measuring progress, quantifying results, and updating to changes throughout the entire lifecycle of the project. Top Estimators helps you choose the most suitable path for the project execution to achieve your project milestones.

  • Bidding assistance

    We assist completely in any construction bidding process. Top Estimators performs accurate bill of material and create your bids, along with providing consultancy regarding bid filing and tactics to win and negotiate on jobs. We also contribute to help our clients by managing their bidding network profiles.

  • Litigation assistance

    For all legal disputes in the construction industry related to negligence, negligent misrepresentation, deceptive trade practices, and fraud, we can help you completely. Top Estimators employs accurate cost data to resolve conflicts amidst contractors, vendors, designers, and owners. Moreover, you can use our independent unbiased estimate with our company’s stamp to assist you through intervention, negotiation, testimonies, and trials.

  • Project Cost Management

    Construction companies always face budget constraints. That’s why we thoroughly engage with the project teams from planning and design to construction and closeout to estimate, monitor, and control costs to achieve the project goals.

Who needs Top Estimators’ Estimation consultancy service?

  • Real estate Developers

    All developers require to set an initial budget for their prospective clients. Top Estimators prepares the most reliable preliminary estimate. Moreover, our team guides them in planning new proposals, managing budget, getting loans, allocating funds, strategies to improve pricing, and negotiating with contractors.

  • General Contractors

    Construction budgets and strict deadlines are challenges for general contractors. We provide consultation regarding project scheduling, quality control of bid, and negotiations of the prices quoted.

  • Home Owners

    We provide consultation to homeowners in order to execute the project and deal with the contractors. Moreover, we also provide them in-house architectural design and CAD drafting services.

  • Architects/ Designers

    During the design phase, Architects employ estimates to adjust their design elements within their client’s budget limit. Top Estimators uses schematic drawings to make a budget estimate that gets updated with each stage of design.

  • Subcontractors

    Subcontractors are so hooked up in site activities that they lack the ability to manage their bidding process. This is where Top Estimators helps them by managing their bidding network profiles, filing bids, and devising strategies to win and negotiate prices for their projects. We also help with Subcontractor marketing and project lead generation.

  • Vendors

    Vendors attain benefit from our consultation services to ease them in measuring quantities, determining costs, calculating labor to create quotes for their clients.


The scope of our portfolio includes all the kinds of residential, industrial, and commercial cost estimate projects that incorporate:

  • • Residential;

    townhomes, modular homes, high rises, skyscrapers, complex apartments, and private homes

  • • Commercial;

    offices, warehouses, theaters, and sports auditoriums.

  • • Institutional;

    educational facilities, healthcare, prisons

  • • Retail;

    shopping centers, grocery stores, and restaurants

  • • Industrial;

    manufacturing units, food processing, wastewater treatment plants, power, cogeneration, bio-fuels, refinery, petrochemicals, etc.

  • • Civil;

    bridges, dams, highways

  • • Mining & Marine projects

  • • Mining & Marine projects