What do you need to know?

Top Estimator is an accurate, efficient, and professional commercial estimation service designed for commercial general contractors, subcontractors, commercial zone developers, lenders, architectural, engineering, and design firms.
Commercial estimation always requires sound and in-depth technical knowledge along with precision and experience. Top Estimators believes that an accurate estimate is the backbone of budget creation and cost control. And it is used throughout the lifecycle of the project. Our Estimators have a great deal of experience of commercial takeoffs and estimation with a diversified portfolio in North American, the Caribbean, and Australian construction industries including renovation, restoration, addition, and new construction. A senior project manager always reviews every project by using his past experience. That removes all possible errors and gives a top-notch quality to our prepared estimates.
• Do you need consultancy with the estimation and scheduling of commercial construction projects?
• Or you don’t have the expertise to perform bill of material for a specific trade, size, or complexity?
• Or you are not confident about how to prepare and file a bidding proposal?
Top Estimators is here to help. With the team of expert quantity surveyors, consultants, and engineers, we can ensure accurate and timely services tailored to your specific needs. We can help you achieve your goals, be it preparing estimates, setting profit margins, or smartly filing bidding proposals that can set you apart from the competition.

Top Estimators promises:

  • • Quick Turnaround Times of 24 to 48 hours

  • • Market Competitive Rates

  • • Detailed & Accurate Estimates

  • • Easy to Understand Reports

  • • Colored Marked Drawings for Review

  • • Experienced team of Estimators certified with ASPE, AACE, AIQS

  • • Estimates comply with International Standard

  • • Confidentiality guaranteed

  • • 24/7 Support on Chat & Email

  • Contact us today and get 30% off on the first estimate.

What do we deliver?

  • • EXCEL spreadsheets including Material & labor takeoffs with man-hours, equipment lists and vendor quotes

  • • In MasterFormat or UniFormat or by cost codes or your customized format

  • • Delivery within 24 to 48 hours

Our Estimation process

• The estimation process at TOP ESTIMATORS starts with a formal meeting of estimators to discuss and identify the scope of work. This also includes the allocation of tasks to trade specialist estimators.
• Then after reviewing the project documents and specifications provided by the client, the trade specialized estimators import the plans using the latest software and measure the dimensions and scales by the point and click method to digitally takeoff the quantities.
• After performing the on-screen takeoffs, all the material quantities are exported to EXCEL spreadsheets and categorized by division or by the pattern of CSI costs.
• Our connections with local vendors and RSMeans help in the accurate and zip code based pricing for material and labor costs are categorized with respect to union and prevailing wages including standard time and overtime.
• Finally, a cross-check is performed by the lead estimator for the quality assurance and quality control of the project deliverables.

You can also trust us like many Contractors, Developers, Architects, and Owners for Commercial Estimation services!

Click here to upload and your plans can be Bid set, Schematic, Design Development, Construction document, or conceptual drawings. Following formats are acceptable: .PDF, .TIF, .TIFF, .DXF,. DWF, .DWG, .PLN, .JPG, .JPEG, .CPC, .OSX, .DJVU, .CAL

We will send you a quote consisting of the invoice, delivery date, and turnaround time which you can pay via Credit Card or Debit Card or PayPal.

Estimates will be delivered to you in EXCEL spreadsheets incorporating all the material and labor pricing either in MasterFormat or the format of your choice.

Estimated from 10 million dollars to several million-dollar evaluations of projects from all industries covering a wide variety of small and heavy construction types that include:

• Commercial facilities
• Restaurants
• Retail spaces
• Airports
• Condominiums
• Educational facilities
• High Rise Buildings
• Shopping Centers
• Theaters & Museums
• Sports Auditoriums
• Exhibition Buildings

• Prisons & Police Stations
• Fire Stations
• Courts
• Office Buildings
• Warehouses
• Parking Garages
• Libraries
• Medical Facilities
• Hotels & Motels
• Airport Facilities
• Bus & Subway Facilities

For Commercial Contractors

  • Most Accurate & Detailed Commercial Estimates

    Top Estimators provides the most accurate and detailed commercial estimates. These contain all the details with line item descriptions, along with colored marked-up plans.
    We do pricing for material, labor, and equipment by using our developed construction cost databases and RSMeans.
    The accuracy is ensured according to the location of the project by employing zip code based pricing.

  • Material & Labor Takeoffs

    Top Estimators provides a complete list of materials with detailed description model and vendor details of items, along with zip-code based pricing and labor man-hours to complete that specific job.
    We deliver takeoffs in EXCEL spreadsheets organized by CSI MasterFormat or Uniformat, by cost code, or your customized format.

  • Bid Estimates

    Top Estimators provides a complete package for bidding assistance. It involves preparing accurate bid estimates, setting profit margins, and filing competitive bids that lead to winning more project leads. We help you to be competitive in the bid and present the bid value that creates value for the owner of the project. In fact, we have an 85% bid winning ratio for our clients.
    Our services include:

    • Bid Estimates
    • Assistance on smartly filing bids
    • Project Lead Generation
    • Subcontractor Marketing
    • Change Order Management
    • Cold Eye Review

    • Precise material & labor takeoffs for procurement
    • Project Scheduling
    • Cost Management
    • Value engineering
    • Legal claims

For Commercial Developers

  • Preliminary Commercial Estimates

    Commercial developers need estimation figures and amounts before the development of the project plan. It helps them to analyze the feasibility of the project.
    We have a portfolio of million-dollar evaluation of projects, software expertise, and historical data that helps us build reliable preliminary commercial estimates and feasibility reports for real estate developers, owners, and investors.

  • Pre-construction final Commercial Estimates

    Finally, after the completion of the construction drawings, along with the design phase or after its completion, soon the general contractors and subcontractors start filing bid proposals. How come any commercial developer be sure that the bids are the market value? How to negotiate on prices with GCs and Subs if they do not go for the services of an expert estimation firm?
    Our highly detailed pre-construction final commercial estimates contribute to providing the basis for planning proposals, getting loans, allocating funds, managing costs, and negotiating with contractors.

For Commercial Architects & Designers:

  • Design-phase Estimates

    Our estimation team thoroughly engages with architects and designers involved with commercial projects. We provide cost evaluations for various design alternatives throughout the design phase. This aids the design team to analyze and customize the design parameters according to their client’s budget limits. This avoids additional costs or overruns at a later stage. Our design phase estimates include the conceptual, schematic design, design development, and construction document estimates. We also provide a review of drawings and specifications for errors, exclusions, and trade consistency.

  • Budget Creation

    Estimation is at the heart of budget creation for Architects & Designers during the design phase of the project. We help Commercial Architects and Designers for budget creation in a way that you can send us your design development and schematic drawings so that we can create budget estimates in the development phase of design.

For Commercial Design-Build Firms

Apart from regular clients like contractors, designers, and developers, we have successfully delivered estimation services and value engineering to design-build firms. These firms are responsible for design and construction under the same contact.
Project owners that hire these firms have budget constraints that require estimation and control of costs such as materials, labor, and equipment through all the phases of the project.
Our design-build estimates determine all the associated costs even at the early stage of design nearly at the 50% completion of designs that help the owners to make critical decisions. It generally comprises the following costs:

• Costs associated with architectural, engineering, mechanical design, and drafting service charges.
• Various subcontractor fees including mechanical, electrical, etc.
• Labor costs
• Material costs
• Equipment costs
• Man Hours
• Other indirect costs like permits, taxes, logistics, storage, etc